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24 x 7 Lightning Round [clear filter]
Wednesday, May 16

1:00pm CDT

Session 2 B | Scholarly Communication Lightning Round
Creating RAIDER Publishing: Texas Techs Path to Developing a Library Publishing Program
Jessica Kirschner
Spurred by high collection costs, many libraries have drawn on their digital resources and scholarly communications expertise to create library publishing programs which produce affordable publications.Texas Tech University Libraries have recently expanded their library publishing services to include producing affordable textbooks.  This presentation will preview this new library publishing program, RAIDER Publishing, which aims to produce Refereed, Affordable, Instructor-created, Digital Educational Resources.   TTU’s Digital Publishing Librarian will share the program's goals and TTU Libraries’ path to reaching those goals, highlighting considerations such as contracts, workflows, formats, platforms, and campus collaborations.

Make it Count: Using Google Analytics to Email Author Stats for a DSpace IR
Heidi Winkler, Joy Perrin, Camille Thomas
Institutional repository administrators know that reaching out to authors and proving to them the impact of submitting to and keeping their work with the university’s IR is a fantastic selling point for the service. DSpace users are often frustrated, though, by their inability to receive statistical updates about their submissions. While public statistics do exist, they’re only displayed in aggregate and are not designed for analysis by individual contributors. Our 24x7 will walk attendees through how to utilize Google Analytics to set up automatic emails to authors with statistics from DSpace.

Catalogers and Pickles; or, What To Do About Publisher Name Changes for Materials in Repositories
Lisa Furubotten, Joseph Olivarez
We are giving the 7 minute answer to a specific question asked by repository managers about corporate body name changed.  But what we really want to demonstrate is that catalogers have valuable metadata expertise to offer and decades of experience.   Note: Don't have photo, will have to find you one.

The Search for Best Practices: Manager vs. Admin Viewpoint

Susan Elkins
The results of a research study about the best practices in IR naming, home page placement and marketing. After looking at ARL website, we sent out two surveys. One to IR managers and the other to IR/Library administrators.  What did they agree on and what did they disagree on? Are there any best practices for IR naming, home page placement and marketing?

Critical Realist Case Studies and Their Application to Institutional Repositories

Joseph Pruett
Ideally, institutional repositories refine a consistent and trusted customer experience across institutions, states, and consortia. Critical realist case studies can provide rich data and scientific inference that persuasively inform this customer experience. The presentation includes a brief review of the critical realist case study, its extant application in the fields of library and information science, and its potential applications to institutional repository management. The presentation mostly explores the practical, rather than philosophical, aspects of critical realism in case studies.

TDL Hyku Pilot

Courtney Mumma, Nicholas Woodward
The Texas Digital Library will engage with several of its members in a pilot of hosting the Hyku repository application for managing cultural heritage content. While some of the TDL’s members intend to launch Hyku, Hyrax, or another variation of the Samvera community’s suite of offerings, others may prefer a hosted solution. Many TDL members are facing probable transitions from repository applications such as ContentDM, DSpace (both hosted by TDL and standalone) and BePress Digital Commons. With this potential migration in mind, TDL intends to explore the feasibility and community benefits of hosting Hyku. The project was inspired by the DuraSpace community’s work in piloting their HykuDirect service, including their contributions to the Hydra-In-A-Box Project determining the architectural needs for a hosted service, and TDL will work with the DuraSpace team and community to ensure that our service offerings align well and support each other going forward.

Open access: Necessary but Insufficient for Societal Impact and Serving Specific Communities

Bruce Herbert
The internet has brought great change to human society, but even after 20 years, the impact of the internet has been uneven. As attributed to William Gibson, “The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed”. It is reasonable to predict that the societal impact of open access will be similar. In 2015, we were approached by a rural, secondary school in the midst of a major transformation of their science education seeking help with their lack of access of library resources. The school district was in the midst of major reform initiative seeking to enhance the college readiness of their students through a transformation of student learning via problem-based learning.

Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks: Rebranding ScholarWorks @Towson
Morgan Davis
In combination with an initiative to optimize and expand the scope of its library services, Towson University's Cook Library will implement a new workflow for its interdisciplinary, institutional repository, ScholarWorks@Towson. The workflow was designed with the intent to remove the onus from the faculty member to submit works to the IR and simply requires them to send a list of works (CV or Resume) to our technical services team that they would like to contribute to the IR. The workflow is ADA-compliant and includes publisher policy verification. It is our goal to provide a simple, transparent, legal, and informative process for members of our academic community to share their work.

avatar for Jeremy Moore

Jeremy Moore

Digital Media Specialist, Texas State University
Jeremy Moore holds a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art from the University of North Texas and has been the Digital Media Specialist in the Digital & Web Services department at Texas State University, University Libraries since 2014. With over 20 years’ experience in photography... Read More →

avatar for Morgan Davis

Morgan Davis

Librarian-in-Residence for Diversity and Innovation, Towson University
As a newly-minted librarian, Morgan is currently exploring the academic librarianship landscape. Her current professional interests include: scholarly communications, information literacy instruction, collection assessment, and the development of cultural competency toolkits. Morgan... Read More →
avatar for Susan Elkins

Susan Elkins

Digital Resources Librarian, Sam Houston State University
Susan is the Digital Resources Librarian at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas for the past 2 years. She works with OJS Journals, Vireo, and the institutional repository. Prior to coming to Sam Houston State she work at Angelo State University for 6 years.
avatar for Bruce Herbert

Bruce Herbert

Director, Scholarly Communications, Texas A&M University
Dr. Bruce Herbert is Professor of Geology and currently serves as the Director of the Office of Scholarly Communications in the Sterling C. Evans library At Texas A&M University. As Director of OSC, Dr. Herbert is responsible for strengthening the Library’s efforts in scholarly... Read More →

Jessica Kirschner

Digital Publishing Librarian, Texas Tech University
Jessica Kirschner is the Digital Publishing Librarian at Texas Tech University, where she is working to develop a digital textbook publishing program. Previously, she worked in the acquisitions department at SUNY Press and University of Pittsburgh’s Office of Scholarly Communication... Read More →
avatar for Charity Martin

Charity Martin

Metadata/Series Cataloger, TAMU
Charity Martin began her career over 20 years ago as a serials cataloger.  Since then, she has worked both public and technical services; in academic, public and corporate libraries; and in public education.
avatar for Joseph Pruett

Joseph Pruett

Digital Repository Librarian, Angelo State University
Joseph Pruett is the Digital Repository Librarian at Angelo State University. He graduated from the University of Kentucky’s Library Science program, and completed contract work as a Metadata Specialist for FamilySearch. Joseph has co-authored publications on library open source... Read More →
avatar for Heidi Winkler

Heidi Winkler

Digital Services Librarian, Texas Tech University
Heidi Winkler is the Digital Services Librarian at the Texas Tech University Libraries. She earned her Master of Science in Information Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. Since joining the TTU Libraries in 2012, Ms. Winkler has overseen digital preservation and curation... Read More →

Wednesday May 16, 2018 1:00pm - 2:15pm CDT
Lil Tex 1.122
Thursday, May 17

9:00am CDT

Session 4 A | Cultural Heritage Collections Lightning Round
Exploring our Collections: The Many Colors of the UNT Digital Library
Pamela Andrews, Marcia McIntosh, Shannon Willis
This 24x7 presentation discusses a combination of outreach initiatives to promote use of digital collection items: #ColorOurCollections and Twitter.

A Platform for Exploration: Bringing Together African American History at umbrasearch.org

Sarah Carlson, Cecily Marcus
Umbra Search African American History (umbrasearch.org) makes African American history more broadly accessible through a freely available widget and search tool, umbrasearch.org; digitization of African American materials across collections; and support of students, educators, artists, and the public through residencies, workshops, and events locally and around the country. This presentation will discuss the development of Umbra Search, including the technology and design, the role of collaborative partnerships, and the importance of outreach to enhance access and encourage use with these rich materials. We will also address the unique challenges of thematic aggregations for culturally specific materials and long term sustainability for digital platforms, as well as opportunities for shifting perspectives of collection building, access, and use.

Beyond the Pages:  Early Printed Books in Digital Collections
Barbara Laufersweiler
For early printed books, somewhere in the middle ground between simple image display and multispectral imaging, between metadata searches and virtual reality experiences, there are practical, low-cost, high-impact practices available for digitization and in digital collections. They create new possibilities for digital library users to engage with those early printed books more fully, opening the books to new scholarship and new engagement. I will present specific examples and recommendations for low-cost, high-impact practices for digitization and digital collections. To the extent such practices are adopted, digital collections can provide a great deal more information about early printed books, opening them more fully to the world in practical, straightforward ways.

Community Webs: Creating Community History Web Archives

Emily Ward, Kyrie Whitsett, Maria Praetzellis
Many public libraries have active local history collections and have traditionally collected print materials that document their communities. Due to the technical challenges of web archiving, the lack of training, educational opportunities, and an active community of public library-based practitioners, very few public libraries are building web archives. This lightening talk will include a presenter from the Internet Archive and a program participant from the East Baton Rouge Parish Library. Together they will review this grant funded program working with 27 public library partners to provide education, training, professional networking, and technical services to enable public libraries to fulfill this vital role.

Digging into Linked Data: Perspectives from the Long Tail
Paromita Biswas, Andrea Leonard
The success of the semantic web depends on widespread participation by organizations in making connections between open, structured datasets. Large libraries are beginning to make such connections – it’s time smaller libraries take the leap. But do these libraries have the resources? This presentation focuses on a collaborative linked data project between two mid-sized academic libraries--Western Carolina University and Appalachian State University. The presentation will highlight the successes and challenges faced by the presenters and will be a useful learning experience for those who are thinking of venturing into creating access for their special collections using linked data tools.

Box of Chocolates: Surfacing Unique Collections in Small-Bite Form
Jenifer Flaxbart
Hear about the approach the University of Texas Libraries (UTL) is undertaking to create small-scale digital exhibitions. Their “Box of Chocolates” approach serves to introduce a tempting variety of content “bonbons” to scholars, to inform their awareness of lesser known collections and inspire or enrich research, while minimizing workflow impacts.
It also provides a practical solution to collections-focused digital project engagement and discovery-related progress, allowing subject liaison librarians to simultaneously gain skills and promote distinctive UTL content, without over-taxing individual liaison, digitization unit, or UTL IT resource capacity.

Piloting Photogrammetry in Digital Libraries
Shannon Willis, Marcia McIntosh
Building on the 3D scanning and model hosting already developed at the University of North Texas Libraries (UNT), members of the Digital Projects Unit (DPU) piloted a technique new to its digitization lab: photogrammetry.  DPU members used special collection holdings at UNT, largely from the Texas Fashion Collection, to test several different methods of photogrammetry. This presentation will focus on these methods for model creation as well as metadata description, uploading, and viewing of the models in the UNT Digital Library.

Buildings of Texas: Supporting Visual Browsing of Geospatial Archival Holdings through Web Mapping
Grace Hansen
Providing access to geospatial archival holdings through visual browsing offers exciting new opportunities for all users. As part of the University of Texas at Austin Libraries' effort to build an infrastructure to support its geospatial data, Hansen is geocoding a dataset representing an archival collection at the Alexander Architectural Archives and creating a web map to provide access to descriptive information. This presentation will discuss both conceptual and technical considerations that went into this project, including the decision to conceptualize the map as a finding aid and the ways in which spatial browsing better supports discovery for geospatial collections.

The Renewed Interest in the Ethnology Teaching Collection
Patrice-Andre Prud'homme
The focus of a collection can change over the course of time. The University Museum at Illinois State University closed its doors in 1991, and many artifacts were relocated. Remaining artifacts would become part of a hands-on teaching collection, now known as the Ethnology Teaching Collection. Through the collaborative partnership between the Sociology and Anthropology department and Milner library, curated objects are being digitized to promote the significant historical and educational enduring value that the collection still exhibits as a teaching tool in contrast to similar objects held in museums.

avatar for Jeremy Moore

Jeremy Moore

Digital Media Specialist, Texas State University
Jeremy Moore holds a Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art from the University of North Texas and has been the Digital Media Specialist in the Digital & Web Services department at Texas State University, University Libraries since 2014. With over 20 years’ experience in photography... Read More →

avatar for Pamela Andrews

Pamela Andrews

Repository Librarian for Scholarly Works, University of North Texas
Pamela Andrews received her MA in English with a concentration in Rhetoric and Composition from University of central Florida, and her MS in Library and Information Studies from Florida State University. She currently works as the Repository Librarian for the Scholarly Works collection... Read More →
avatar for Paromita Biswas

Paromita Biswas

Metadata Librarian, Western Carolina University
Paromita Biswas is the Metadata Librarian at Western Carolina University. She heads the Library’s Cataloging Unit and works with both print and digital collections.
avatar for Jenifer Flaxbart

Jenifer Flaxbart

Asst. Dir. of Research Support & Digital Initiatives, University of Texas at Austin
As Assistant Director of Research Support & Digital Initiatives for the UT Libraries, Jenifer leads a Digital Scholarship Team focused on the research lifecycle, from data management planning and research data services to tools for digital research methods, GIS, and scholarly communication... Read More →
avatar for Grace Hansen

Grace Hansen

Graduate Student, School of Information
Grace Hansen is a graduate student specializing in archives at the University of Texas School of Information and expects to graduate in May 2018. She has worked at the Harry Ransom Center since 2014, where she filled roles as a library assistant, collection assistant, and graduate... Read More →
avatar for Barbara Laufersweiler

Barbara Laufersweiler

Director, Digital Collections & Digitization, University Libraries, University of Oklahoma
Doing digitization of special collections materials at OU since 2012 -- early printed books and manuscripts, maps, and manuscript collections, for OU’s History of Science, Western History, and other collections.
avatar for Andrea Leonard

Andrea Leonard

Metadata Librarian, Appalachian State University
Andrea is the Metadata Librarian at Appalachian State University, working with digital collections. She earned a B.A. from Virginia Tech, an M.L.I.S. from the University of Pittsburgh and, most recently, a second master’s from Appalachian State University. She served as an E-Resources... Read More →
avatar for Marcia McIntosh

Marcia McIntosh

Digital Production Librarian, University of North Texas
Marcia McIntosh received her master’s in Information Studies from the University of Texas at Austin’s School of Information.  She is the Digital Production Librarian at the University of North Texas where she assists in the coordinating, management, and training necessary to... Read More →
avatar for Patrice-Andre Prud'homme

Patrice-Andre Prud'homme

Director, Digital Curation, Oklahoma State University
In his role as Director of Digital Curation at the Oklahoma State University Library, Patrice-Andre Prud'homme, Ph.D. provides leadership and management in the area of digital preservation, curation, and access. While at Illinois State University, he was involved in digital preservation... Read More →

Thursday May 17, 2018 9:00am - 10:15am CDT
Big Tex 1.102